Firmware Quick Start

You can easily edit or create your own custom firmware for BigClown Core Module on Windows, Linux or macOS.

In the next chapters in Firmware group you can find more details for each step explained here.


  1. Download and Install VSCode IDE first

  2. Download and Install BigClown Toolchain, keep the default install options if in doubt (details)

  3. Create BigClown folder where all your BigClown projects will be located and right-click on that folder and choose Open with BigClown Toolchain

  4. Create a new project skeleton using bcf by typing bcf create my_project

  5. Go to the new created folder by typing cd my_project

  6. Run VSCode by typing code . (note the dot ".")

  7. Build firmware by pressing Ctrl+Shift+B, VSCode may ask in the bottom right corner if you would like to use different Shell. Confirm that and try to build project again.

  8. Connect Core Module and flash the firmware by pressing Ctrl + P and typing task flash. In the terminal window the flasher will ask for COM port, if you have just one, type zero 0 and press Enter

The Core Module is flashed. The red LED will turn on, when you press the button the LED toggles.

Detailed explanation

If you install BigClown Toolchain with default options, then the compiler and make tool will not be added to the PATH environment variable, but only in the BigClown Toolchain Console. That's why you have to run VSCode from the Toolchain command line so the VSCode will know where to look for make and bcf tool.

You can upgrade any Windows command line to BigClown Toolchain command line by typing bct.

If you you check all the options during installation of the BigClown Toolchain, then the paths of the installed tools is added to PATH environment variable. Then you can open the VSCode from start menu and it will know how to compile and flash because make and bcf will be also available in the default Windows command line.

VSCode now uses PowerShell, that's why you have to confirm that you would like to use normal Windows command line.